Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Butterfiles and Roses

I didn't prune my shrub roses this spring. Time got away and before I knew it the stems were loaded with new buds. My absent minded neglect didn't seem to effect the blooms one bit and the bushes offered up a bumper crop.

To save them from the high winds that were forecast in an evening storm, I clipped every last bloom and filled the house with the rich, sweet smell of Belinda's Dream. There were enough roses to share and give away. Dozens and dozens. 


Gardening and roses in particular are a strong metaphor for life. As I was clipping, I couldn't help but think about our boys that will soon be going off to college. As mothers, we want to guide and groom and fuss and make every little thing perfect and orderly for our babies. But sometimes, you gotta step back and let them grow a little wild. Not always an easy thing to do, but the rewards can be just as beautiful.