Friday, November 21, 2014

Recent Styling Work ~ Rachel Goetz Interiors

I spent a day recently working with Houston designer, Rachel Goetz, to style and photograph one of her local projects located in The Heights. 

Rachel, a fresh face in the design trade, assisted this young family which includes three little boys, through the building and design process the whole way.  Here's a little peek at some of the work we did on this shoot.  I'm so in love with this kitchen space. 

For now you can find Rachel on Instagram sharing the latest on her design work along with pics of her brand new sweet baby. She's got a great eye for details and is a props power shopper so I can only imagine the energy she brings to a custom build project. Thanks for a fun day Rachel!

Monday, November 10, 2014

New Discoveries

Before we dive headfirst into the holiday season, I'm going to take it a day at a time and try really hard to be present to the day at hand.  I want to enjoy the shifting light of autumn, the cooler temps, try a new recipe and cozy up the house with a few layers and textures of the season. For me, keeping it simple is the key to enjoying the holidays. 

Mantel peeping.  Mine for fall.
I've seen some beautiful finds online recently so I thought it would be fun to share them.

This coastal quilt by Brooklyn designer Emily Fisher uses satellite imagery and nautical maps with a combination of traditional quilting and appliqué. So unique!

These copper metallic trays from Layla Grace would be beautiful to anchor a Thanksgiving table or buffet.

From Hedgehouse, these bedrolls are a cross between a mattress and a pouf. These would be perfect for movie night or sleepovers and would be a huge improvement from the blow up mattress. I love the heather and charcoal fabric.

And to support your Instagram habit, check out the beautiful feed of interior stylist and decorator  Marie Olsson Nylander   I love her style; fingers crossed that one day she'll write a book. 

And finally, this Indoor S'mores recipe is perfect for my grandmothers iron skillet. I've added this recipe along with a few more yummy iron skillet recipes to my Pinterest board that I would like to try this fall. 

Cheers to a great week ahead!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Recent Styling Work In Country Living Magazine

A very special project that I worked on over the summer with my friend Holly Mathis was featured in the November issue of Country Living Magazine.  
In addition to assisting Holly I was honored to style the shoot for Country Living. You can see more images from the shoot and read about the house here.

Photograph by Annie Schlechter
I thought it would be fun to show you some of the rooms as Holly Mathis designed them for our  fabulous client Holly Kuhn of Old Glory Antiques, along with some of the details that weren't included in the magazine feature. 

This house is the real deal great old country house that we all dream of.  Twelve foot tall ceilings, wavy old glass in the windows, claw foot tubs....charm and character all over. 
And the icing on the cake is that homeowner Holly Kuhn owns the Old Glory Antiques shop that sits on the property so we had access to her fabulous inventory for this project.

The house is for private use of the Kuhns and their guests primarily when they come to Texas to open the shop for Antiques Week twice a year. This 4 bedroom house which includes a loft room is perfect for accommodating a large crowd which is a good thing because it's often packed with friends. 

This beautiful bedroom was shot for the magazine but wasn't included in the feature.  I love the soft colors of the blue ceiling and the shutters.  This room feels so serene and dreamy. 

Photograph by Annie Schlechter

Photograph by Annie Schlechter
Photograph by Annie Schlechter

Photograph by Annie Schlechter

For the window seat in the upstairs dorm room, Holly had a french mattress custom made by our friends at LS Slipcovers.  It's exactly what the space needed.  

Here's a detailed shot of the desk in the entry. Perfect for this guest house. I love how it evokes the feel of an old hotel check in desk.

Photograph by Annie Schlechter
I have to say, Holly Mathis is blessed with some amazing design talent. I've admired her work for years and seeing her in action kind of blew my mind. She can make things happen ya'll.  Good things. Her friendship and support has blessed my life in so many ways and these two Texas girls were honored to work together for Holly Kuhn and have our project featured in Country Living. 

Holly's goal on this project was to freshen up the house while keeping true to the Old Glory brand style of fresh American antiques.

Here's a before and after of what we call the red bedroom. Keep in mind these before pics are extra messy because we were in the house working and things sometimes get worse before they get better. A custom made four poster Amish style bed was brought in which helped with the tall ceilings in this house. Perfect choice.

All of the following images were taken by me for our portfolio.

Red bedroom before & after

Styling tip *Bookends don't have to match. Using two different objects the same color is  more interesting, especially if one of them is a small vase.

Below is the canopy room before & after. Another beautiful tall romantic bed was used in this room. 
The moulding on the walls inspired us to get creative with the art.  We gathered empty frames from the shop along with vintage photographs to create a mixed media inspired installation.

Styling tip * Think outside the frame. We used vintage photographs and paper ephemera clipped to the existing wire to create this unique grouping.
 Here's the kitchen before and after. 

The industrial light fixture, striped runner on the stairs and cafe sign add so many layers of interest.

Here's a bedroom that wasn't included in the feature.  I especially love the beautiful bedding.

Styling Tip *Glueing old photos under glass paper weights is a unique way to share family photos.
 I've saved the best for last because this room is my absolute favorite in the Old Glory house. I love a dorm room and this one is especially wonderful with the matching iron twin beds and old sconces. As you can see, Holly chose a very colorful rug to anchor the new beds. It's like a party on the cheerful and colorful and fun. 

Styling Tip *Repetition in design is a good thing and pleasing to the eye. Use multiples when space allows.
The dorm bathroom got an update as well. 
Another sweet corner of the dorm room provides a writing desk for guests.

The scope of this project was so big that I could go on forever about the fun we had hauling chairs from room to room, eating m&m's while we were figuring out our next move and all the good people that were involved on this project. 

One of those special people was my good friend Paige Hull of The Vintage Round Top. I was asked to step in as the lead stylist at the last minute and needed an assistant. As ya'll know Paige has such an eye for vintage design and is a super hard worker so she made this shoot extra special for me.  This woman is a rock star.  

Ta-daa!  Thank you Paige!!!

There's more more more to read about the Old Glory project over on Holly's blog so head over for more interesting details and pictures. We definitely put the country in Country Living for November!

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A Little Bit of Fall Is All

I see from some my favorite blogs, Pinterest and Instagram that apparently it's Fall???

Poor southeast Texas.  We miss out on all the fall fun when it comes to seasons. We're about to roll over to November and the kids are still wearing shorts to school and it's been 90 degrees over the last week.  I've yet to make soup, wear a scarf or eat pumpkin anything. We can't even fake it. 

It just feels wrong to not do anything in terms of making some changes in the house to acknowledge that somewhere, people are picking apples, making biggo leaf piles to jump into and bundling up to go to the Friday night football games.

My favorite unframed botanicals are my favorite mobile art collection.  I took them off the mantel and now they're repping fall in the dining room for me. And i like it!

They really deserve to be properly framed, but then I wouldn't get to use my fun washi tape to hang them all over the house on a whim.  

In my world, coral is a fall styling element.  Nod your head if you agree.  Thank you :) 

 Some fresh eucalyptus and pretty blue/gray pumpkins. I do love the colors.

Botanicals and ironstone.  Two of my favorite collections that really work for me in any season. This was more about putting together colors and textures that suggest fall for my cottage style and I am really enjoying it. With the candles lit and the a/c cranked down it even feels a little like fall in here :)

Thursday, October 23, 2014

The Getaway featured in House Beautiful

Any chance you've read the current Oct. issue of House Beautiful magazine? As I was running boys through their after school schedule, a quick glance had me noticing two things; the color purple and the pretty arched doors on the kitchen pantry in this home. 

But when I slowed down enough to read the article, I was completely surprised to learn that this is not a primary residence but instead a "getaway" apartment for a mother of four. 

Photographs Miki Duisterhof
"It's true. She and her husband have a beautiful house with French antiques right down the road, and that's where they live, raise kids, and entertain together.  This is just something she wanted - a feminine getaway where she can have parties, drink wine, and watch movies with her girlfriends.  She uses it as guest quarters when family comes to town.  And she loves to read; she'll stop by for a quiet hour or two after car pool."  

The homeowner is not pictured or interviewed and I desperately wish she had been. I would love to know what inspired her to create such a haven. 

I would imagine there are a lot of people that find this excessive feminine folly. 

I think it's  wonderful.

I completely understand that not everyone can afford the luxury of a second home just down the street. Myself included. However, creating a private retreat within your home when space allows can feel luxurious, even if it's only a 10x10 spare room or a corner of your master bedroom. 

In our home, my office is my one room girly getaway much like the first garage apartment I lived in. White, spare and on some days a hot mess. But when I close the doors to drown out the sound of major league baseball blaring from the next room it feels like a luxurious retreat where I can decompress and relax by myself or with friends.  I often steal more chairs from around the house and can accommodate a girl party of 4 comfortably if I want. 

My own getaway "The Girl Room"
So, what do YOU think? If money were no object would you create a getaway home? Do you have a place in your home to getaway from kids and enjoy hobbies or decompress?

To see the rest of the slideshow click here. To read the article in it's entirety pick up the October issue of House Beautiful.  I'd love to know what you think.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Shop Where You Sleep at The Vintage Round Top

My dear friends, Paige and Smoot Hull of The Vintage Round Top, have created a unique shopping experience for guests of their Round Top, Texas vacation cottage and are inviting you to Shop Where You Sleep.

Just off the kitchen, this primitive armoire holds a small sampling of vintage and repurposed accessories, RVT hand poured candles, and artisan soaps which can be purchased on the spot by following the instructions provided on the little clipboard just inside the door.

Paige has thoughtfully stocked the cabinet with everything you need to make your selection, wrap it up and carry it home safely. It couldn't be easier or more fun to indulge in a special memento from your trip to the country. Wouldn't it be fun to take home an ironstone pitcher for your kitchen table as a souvenir? Or a unique Swiss Army pillow? 

The candles are hand poured into darling old mason jars. And the soaps are completely natural and packaged in handmade artisan paper. 

Paige will be updating the cabinet regularly so if you see something in this post it might be gone soon so be sure to check out their online store as well. Also, the cottage is available for rent during the holidays so pop over to check availability for Christmas or Thanksgiving in the country.