Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Spring Branches

Spring in Texas has been exceptional! Our fabulous early spring is the consolation prize to the hellacious summer that we know is right around the corner. But let's not talk about that.

Let's talk about these beautiful wisteria and red bud branches instead.

Red bud trees are budding out their beautiful magenta blooms. Wisteria vines are spilling over fences, full of bees and butterflies. Like any good stylist, I usually walk the dog with my clippers in my pocket. I feel it's my duty as a good citizen to help keep the neighborhood properly pruned and I happily volunteered this vase to re-home them to my office. 

 Texas wild flowers are popping up along the highway to Round Top as well and vendors are already set up and selling for Antiques Week. Have you planned your trip? It's time to get going. Don't forget your clippers!