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Coffee Table Styling

My intent was to clean off the coffee table and edit down the things. But I love the things. All the things. Especially the little white ceramic flower my boys bought for me on one of their Target runs this summer. They're driving now *gulp* .  They were so proud of their Nate Berkus choice. It was easy to make a fuss over it because its so "me" and it was so sweet to hear the boys talk about why they chose it. These boys have grown up shopping with me all over the city, so they're pros.

But it's not just about the shopping or the thing they bought. For me it's a huge milestone for our boys to be out and about on their own, in their own car they helped pay for with their own money earned from hours spent lifeguarding.  Shopping for their own school supplies. Growing UP. 

Wasn't this post suppose to be about coffee table styling?  Using what I had on hand, here's how I pulled it together:

  • Thrift store brass, trendy and metallic. I love the heighth of the candle sticks and the little brass bowl holds river rocks from last years vacation to the Frio River.
  • Books. Always Books for me.
  • Something alive. My coleus was getting wild so I cut some stems for a favorite vase (this was also a thrift store find). The coleus clippings will stay alive a good long time and they were free. Coleus is so easy to grow indoors near a window so try some for fall.
  • Antler shed because I love the nature.
  • White ceramic flower from Target from my boys. Something personal and pretty.

Coffee table styling is my favorite quickie to freshen up my living room. What's yours?