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John Derian Provincetown, Cape Cod

Our summer vacation to Cape Cod was epic and about as far from southeast Texas as you can get and still be in the same country. Don't be surprised if I refer to it for the next year and a half. That's how good it was. 

We covered a lot of ground on this trip. One fabulous day in particular, we made our way to Provincetown so I could fulfill a shopping dream by popping into John Derian's Provincetown store. Do you think he knows there are fan girls way down south that just want to tiptoe into his dreamy stores to catch a glimpse of him working away in a corner, maybe decoupaging something? 

Beckoning...that's what the entry of this store does. It beckons you and then you pray your kids and husband get lost parking the car so you can enjoy this tiny little sacred place all alone. 

The small studio like space is artfully layered with textiles, vintage portraits and lighting, paper flowers, whimsical objets and of course John's signature decoupage line. John's layered and collected style has been a steady and constant influence in my own personal style.  This little gem in Provincetown is open seasonally June - Sept. 

I touched virtually everything in the store and was tempted by a piece from the black forest menagerie but felt the most delight when I  found a glass case filled with spun cotton animals by artist Crystal Sloane. This little octopus slid comfortably into her new habitat and has made herself right at home amongst the shells and sea glass souvenirs from this trip and various others. Do you shop in thrift stores on vacation? I love to check out what the locals have discarded. The Cape Cod by Thoreau book was a .25 thrift store find that held my foraged fern fronds until we got home. Oh yes....I foraged. A lot.

Here's something to look forward to.  Oct 4th is the release date for John Derian's first book, Found. 300 big beautiful pages of 19th century images from his archives. Pre-order available now through his website.

The charm of Provincetown is intoxicating and the exact opposite of what the scenery is like in Houston Texas. Therefore, I didn't want to leave. That's also the goal when planning a vacation, right? I stole a few snaps as we strolled the narrow streets and private alleys of Provincetown before we made our way to the beaches. 

Provincetown_Becki Griffin-5.jpg

more to come.......