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Raw Honeycomb and Fruit Appetizer

I love simple beautiful food. This simple and easy to prepare appetizer is perfect for your spring time Easter brunch or breakfast table.  

                                                        Raw Honeycomb and Fruit Appetizer

The star of this appetizer show is the raw honeycomb. I picked mine up at Leftovers Antiques in Brenham. Did you know they carry beautiful epicurean goods as well as antiques? You can also find raw honeycomb in nicer grocery stores or order online.

Grab a pretty plate or cheeseboard and add:

Raw honeycomb
Fresh berries
Goat cheese crumbles
Slivered Almonds
Fresh Mint

Serve this sweet springtime goodness on your favorite sliced bread (I used ciabatta here) or crackers.  It's also perfect for breakfast with your favorite biscuits.

Customize this sweet appetizer to your liking and keep it simple. It's really the perfect bite!