Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Welcome to the new Curious Details!

Hello friends! This new site has been a long time coming. I'm so excited to finally be able to share it!

I hope you find it easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.  My goal was to create a fresh and simple site to house my portfolio, connect with potential clients and blog a little when time allows. The Squarespace platform seemed well suited to that so that's where we are now.

There may be a few little kinks here and there but I think for the most part we're ready for liftoff! Please let me know if you run into any issues during your visit. One issue Squarespace is sorting out for us is adding Pin It buttons on my blog images. If you see something you'd like to Pin on the blog you'll have to add it from your browser's Pin It button for now.

My sidekick in creating the new site is the talented Haylei Smith of Crowley, Louisiana.  Her graphic design skills can be seen on every page of the site from the custom logo to the new business e-mail she set up for me.  Haylei has been a God send.  I have no patience with technology and even less time to birth a new site.  We worked together via e-mail, text, phone and even Face Time to get things just right. Haylei made this so easy for me. Thank you Haylei for tolerating all my ridiculous questions and mini-meltdowns. You are so talented and my offer of adopting you still stands.

Spring time feels like the perfect time to launch a new site. Round Top is coming up very soon. I've got new work to share and a big big surprise in the next month or so!!  If I'm not blogging, you can connect with me via Facebook and Instagram to read all the latest. Hope to see you there!