Becki Griffin's Curious Details


The Getaway featured in House Beautiful

Any chance you've read the current Oct. issue of House Beautiful magazine? As I was running boys through their after school schedule, a quick glance had me noticing two things; the color purple and the pretty arched doors on the kitchen pantry in this home. 

But when I slowed down enough to read the article, I was completely surprised to learn that this is not a primary residence but instead a "getaway" apartment for a mother of four. 

Photographs Miki Duisterhof

"It's true. She and her husband have a beautiful house with French antiques right down the road, and that's where they live, raise kids, and entertain together.  This is just something she wanted - a feminine getaway where she can have parties, drink wine, and watch movies with her girlfriends.  She uses it as guest quarters when family comes to town.  And she loves to read; she'll stop by for a quiet hour or two after car pool."  

The homeowner is not pictured or interviewed and I desperately wish she had been. I would love to know what inspired her to create such a haven. 

I would imagine there are a lot of people that find this excessive feminine folly. 

I think it's  wonderful.

I completely understand that not everyone can afford the luxury of a second home just down the street. Myself included. However, creating a private retreat within your home when space allows can feel luxurious, even if it's only a 10x10 spare room or a corner of your master bedroom. 

In our home, my office is my one room girly getaway much like the first garage apartment I lived in. White, spare and on some days a hot mess. But when I close the doors to drown out the sound of major league baseball blaring from the next room it feels like a luxurious retreat where I can decompress and relax by myself or with friends.  I often steal more chairs from around the house and can accommodate a girl party of 4 comfortably if I want. 

My own getaway "The Girl Room"

So, what do YOU think? If money were no object would you create a getaway home? Do you have a place in your home to getaway from kids and enjoy hobbies or decompress?

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. To read the article in it's entirety pick up the October issue of House Beautiful.  I'd love to know what you think.