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More Seaside Florida ~ Outdoor Showers

Hope you're not tired of charming cottage pictures because I have more to share from our Seaside, Florida, vacation!  Because I tend to consume my weight in potato chips while we're at the beach, I try to balance that out with some walking. Of course I had my phone for covert sniper shooting, so I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite porches and outdoor showers spied on my morning walks.'s this cute everywhere in Seaside. 

Instead of the town streets, I took to the sandy footpaths that connect the cottages. That's where the good stuff is!

Bright colors, screened porches, and picket fences. Notice that each cottage's pickets are unique to that cottage.

I absolutely love an outdoor shower. My goal was to not shower inside the entire week (TMI ?) and with the exception of one shower I achieved my goal. Here are some of the outdoor showers I spied on my walk. They're as unique as the cottages. Some are out in the open and some are contained in adorable little bath houses. I prefer some privacy, but anything is better than sandy kids in the house bath.

Saved the best for last...are you dying?  Beach, pool, shower....bliss.