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Where'd You Get That......?

I get asked this question almost every day about something in my house. I shop all over Houston, thrift stores, garage sales, the curb, and every retailer from Target in the suburbs to Mr. Fancy Pants stores in River Oaks. But there's nothing like going home and boxing up some goodies from the Queen of Collections, the Martha that Martha wishes she could be, the original American Picker, antique dealer, former antique co-op owner and Memom to lots of grandchildren and great grandchildren, my mom...Jo Ann Guillott:

My parents, Jo & Po, are lifelong antique dealers and collectors.  Hardcore, old school, real deal collectors that love living with the things they love.  I thought I would go straight to the source and share some images with you so you can see "where I got that" :

That awesome birdcage now lives at my house and was used in my recent Souvenir Magazine feature.

Quilts, blankets, blue stoneware..this is a small sample.

Yellow ware, more quilts and accessories.
Beautiful primitive small wood trunk collection.

Stoneware and a white armoire at the top of the stairs full of quilts.

Ironstone out the wazoo! 

Need an ironstone pitcher?

My favorites..seashells and butterflies.

See what I mean??  Yes, this is their home. Yes, it always looks like this. Yes, it's a lot of stuff. Yes, it's immaculately clean. Yes, I grew up with this. Yes, it's not your normal home.... define normal :)

Jo & Po specialize in private sales these days. They don't Tweet, Pin or blog. However, if you are in need of shop inventory, props for styling, instant collections or true American , Victorian  or cottage antiques, contact me at and I will put you in touch with them. But keep in mind, I get first dibs!