Becki Griffin's Curious Details


New Friends

It is almost impossible to explain the significance of the relationships with the women in my life I call  friends. They are the strong shoulders I depend on daily. If you are without strong women friends that know you, love you, support you, tell you the ugly truth...I am telling you now...get some! 

One such friend visited recently and along with all her wisdom, loving affection, biting humor and awesome music mix, brought along a little sack crumpled from her travel that held the sweetest treasures. This relatively new friend gifted me with the most perfect collection of curious details. It was as if I had shopped for myself, but better!

These lovely vintage finds were given to my by the amazingly talented Nata Bozymski of Chapel Hill, NC. Nata is a real estate broker and designer who can not only help you find the house of your dreams, she can decorate it for you, or rip it down to the studs and make miracles happen with space and color and texture.  Her Pinterest boards are full of beautiful images of her own homes that she's remodeled. I've been in both of these homes and can tell you it was something to behold...feast your eyes:

Thank you Nata, for the sweet gifts, your friendship, and for letting me share your talents.

"That's right, you're not from Texas, but Texas wants you anyway".
~lyle lovett