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A Little Heart

Today I did a little Christmas work for a special client whose home is a joy to work in.  Throughout her life she and her husband have carefully and thoughtfully chosen each piece of furniture with an eye to quality over quantity. And, she's got organization skills that Martha Stewart would envy.  Her ornaments and bows stored in pillows of tissue paper so that everything comes out looking as perfect as the day she bought it.



These beautiful sterling silver and brass ornaments are treasured famiily pieces.

Mrs. D's beautiful traditionally furnished home requires only a few special touches to feel festive. We added sparkly ornaments embedded in reindeer moss to a lovely Japenese bowl in the formal living room.

Greenery, berries and ribbon in the dining room and on the mantle.

But it's this fragile little heart that I always look forward to hanging on her tree. I hang it last so I wont run the risk of breaking it during all the decorating.  It was her special ornament as a little girl. The paint is chipped off the glass, the silver collar is missing and it barely hangs off a  little rusty piece of wire. It really touched me this year as she and I shared how hard both our Christmas's were last year. For her, a family member with a serious health scare still in recovery and for me, the loss of our niece in a car accident. We've both spent the year guarding our hearts and are looking forward to feeling the joy of the season.
Thank you for sharing your home with me today.
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