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A Fine Specimen

Sometimes blog posts begin one way and become something entirely different than what I intended. That happened today. 

I've got a fun post coming soon about a recent redo in my own home. A central part of that post is this wall of Ikea cabinets:

With display space above and lots of storage below, it's full of some of my favorite collections; ironstone, books, shell boxes.....and butterflies. As I pulled the images together I realized I've got quite a collection going. Seems like this is where butterflies come to die.

I knew the cabinets would solve the storage issues that come with a small house. And, it also lent itself to a look that I love.  Feast your eyes upon this:

Cabinet of Curiosities of Bonnier de la Mosson is part of the Library of the Museum of Natural History in Paris.

This look may not be for everyone,  but I love these specimens under glass. They're a natural wonder that fascinate me and I love them in my house, so do my little boys. Some were bought, some found.


We're all familiar with the butterflies complex life cycle.  The Greeks use them in myths and later Europeans used them to symbolize souls and other supernatural spirits. For some, they might represent our own life, death and rebirth.  Or maybe it's just simply enjoying a beautiful low flying creature up close.
This summer I got to be a part of my best friend's latest photography project starring:

After gathering all the images and  fighting my computer for hours to install some updates , I just coudn't take it anymore and went outside to plant a few pansies because that's what we do when the weather turns cool.

As soon as my hand hit the dirt, I scooped up this beautiful butterfly pupa:


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