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Christmas Gift Wrap Station

At this busy time of year, having all your wrapping supplies organized and handy is so helpful. At our recent Christmas styled shoot at The Vintage Round Top, we turned an old repurposed bed spring and table into a gift wrap station for wrapping up pretty packages, vintage style.

Owner, Paige Hull, is an avid collector of vintage textiles, ribbons and unique small objects that were easily repurposed for this project. The galvanized bucket that holds the wrapping paper nearby was originally used as a harvesting bucket, worn backpack style, to gather grapes.

Sprigs of holly clipped to the bed frame can easily be snipped and tucked into the wrapping and vintage seaming tape makes perfect easy loose bows in soft colors.

If you’re looking for unique one of a kind gifts, pop over to the the online shop at The Vintage Round Top. They’re always adding interesting antique finds from their travels, so take a look!