Becki Griffin's Curious Details


The Bar Cart

I wasn't looking for a bar cart. I was looking at vintage tablecloths at an estate sale earlier this summer that happened to be piled a mile high on the bar cart. Another shopper had unloaded the piles of linens and was giving the cart a test drive. And I kicked myself for not noticing it.

And then she decided it wasn't for her.

It's hard to be cool at estate sales when you see someone put an item back you want. I had zero cool and no shame. The cart was mine and for a song. 

Bar carts have been the super trendy item to buy the last couple of years but they're not something I ever thought I needed or had a place for. But this little cutie with it's warm wood and simple lines felt like it could multi-task as a plant stand and that was the ticket for me. And I could easily wheel it outside if I needed it to serve around the pool.

Parked in front of a window that gets pretty morning sun near our back door, its where I do my summer gardening now. Once July rolls around, all bets are off for me working in the yard. Good luck lavender! Hang in there pentas! I'll see you in October when it cools off. Like outside gardening, puttering with the plants in the morning is contemplative and rewarding.

I gathered some plants I had on hand along with a few other fun garden elements. Pretty bottles and green and gold bohemian juice glasses to catch the light and hold clippings. A vintage plant sprayer (obsessed with this). Beach pebbles found on our recent vacation to Cape Cod. Vintage Japanese pruning shears. And of course a cute blue tooth speaker. The plants seem to thrive with a daily dose of Lucinda Williams and Lyle Lovett. 

It's got me thinking which flowering plants that normally grow outside, might grow well inside. I'm giving geraniums a try because they seem pretty tolerant and are so summery.  I'm hoping this one grows long and leggy with big blooms that spill over the side of the cart. We get tons of natural light in our house so I'm feeling optimistic. If you have any tips for growing flowering plants indoors, do share.