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Chart Art for Fall

I believe that given the chance Texans would indeed love fall. The absence of crisp cool weather until near November leaves us awaiting our Starbucks pumpkinmochachokalattewhatevers in shorts and flip flops.

But the seasons change whether the temps do or not. Life moves.  And we feel it on dark Monday mornings when the sun rises later than we do for school. I feel it. And I want our home to feel it just a little too.

One of my favorite ways to cozy up the house is to switch out a few pieces of art. Vintage educational charts are easy to roll up and store so I pick them up when the price is right. The warm tones in this large vintage German chart do most of the heavy lifting for me. (Flechten refers to lichen.)

Road side weeds stand in for Queen Anne's lace along with a few pumpkins of the non decorated variety. Just like nature intended. 

This is the sweet spot for me. Just a touch here and there to enjoy before the holidays amp up everything. The simpler the better.