Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Summer Break

A solid month of summer has passed and it appears I took an unintended blogging vacation. I do have lots to catch you up on. The new

slip covers

are finished and I'm looking forward to sharing those with you.  There's always new work and collaborations.

And family life.  We just returned from a 10 day, 8 state road trip to North Carolina and Tennessee to visit dear family friends and enjoyed some much needed time away in the great outdoors. I get so much inspiration from nature and I love summer styling more than any other season. 

Before we left for vacation I pulled together some of my favorite summer styling elements to come home to; vintage bottles, coral and flea market art mixed with succulents in zinc pots. 

The light blue from the painting, the reflection of light from the bottles and the texture from the coral are the perfect feel of summer to me. It's my version of a little zen garden that gets moved around, added to and loved on all summer long.  A small space is all that's needed to bring a little summer inside. Hope you're enjoying your summer break!