Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Flea Market Art

Upstairs, at the end of the hall is our tiny little guest room. What it lacks in square footage it makes up for in fun.  Hey...the party's downstairs anyway, so throw your bags in the closet and get comfy.  

This room changes  a lot depending on what I'm working on at the moment or changing downstairs.

I've got some artsy fartsy friends coming soon so I added a collection of inexpensive flea market art to the walls and layered mismatched fringe shawls over the duvets to give it a bohemian vibe. It's cozy, colorful and feels good.

The wood star was a Round Top find I use downstairs at Christmas.  Off season it becomes a bulletin board for some of my Instagram prints. Again..inexpensive and fun.

A tiny oil painting adds interest to a painters palette. 

A guest room is a great space to loosen up and have some fun with your decorating and flea markets are a great place to score some inexpensive art. I've collected these pieces over time and paid from $20 to $1 for these pieces.  Ironically, the tiny little coastal painting was the most expensive, picked up on vacation in California. The big landscape cost $1.  Go figure. I love them all.