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Cottage Kitchen Redo

I'm not a big house girl.  I've always had a dream to live in a small quaint cottage with just enough room and charm to spare. My friend

Holly Mathis

, is living my dream:


Becki Griffin's Curious Details

Holly recently completed a  renovation on her perfectly charming cottage kitchen and it is stunning.  

image Becki Griffin's Curious Details

Holly's talent for design is such an inspiration to me. She's one of the first design bloggers I ever followed and then we had a chance meeting in  Round Top a couple of years ago that was the start of a lovely friendship.  We had the best time styling and shooting her finished room and she's sharing more images and all the design details from lighting to flooring on her


. Go read and be inspired by how she beautified her small, perfectly charming little cottage.  (hoping one day she will share the upstairs.....)