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Seasonal Shift

That's what I'm calling it.  Southeast Texas doesn't experience your typical Fall, although I do feel obligated to buy white pumpkins and mums.  At most, we get 2.5 seasons and anything beyond that is gravy (with a buttermilk biscuit).
What works for me is a weekend of shifting the seasonal layers of my summer accessories, which are my personal favorites to live with.
Bringing in texture, warmer colors, switching out a few pieces of art and photographs. It doesn't have to be much to cozy things up...just enough to reflect the natural order of the way our lives shift with the seasons, regardless of the temperature. Although, a pair of perfectly worn leather chairs would be a nice addition. These images from my Pinterest boards are my current inspiration:

White with natural brown

This is not a boring room.

Brown and white ironstone for fall
Stacked, layered and lived with

Light it up

Feelin' it