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Mid Summer Meltdown

Have you had yours yet? Seems no matter how firmly we've set our best intentions toward summer break, it's inevitable. Mine happened yesterday. Looking back, I can say it began when one of my boys ran out back with a bb gun during a lovely afternoon pool party with friends to shoot a wasp that was scaring the girls. My wise friend attempted to reassure me it was "a boy thing", but to me it was just stupid. That was followed with a series of "teenage brain" induced bad choices that just wore. me. down. 
And I don't wear down that easily. I'm good at ignoring them. Don't judge, it's allowed at this age (mine - not theirs.) I also get plenty of "me" time. Yesterday's "me" time was spent submerged wondering just how long I could hold my breath without resurfacing, because THEY were up there.

We've had a lovely vacation in Florida. Then a loooong 4th of July weekend together. We're solidly into our summer routine. 

I love summer with my kids and really look forward to it. It's been a total blessing to be able to slow down and just be with them every summer of their lives. We get into a groove of sleeping late and finding easy ways to pass the time. They love to read, play outside until dark with their friends and are really funny, loving, interesting people.
But..if you're a mom home most of the summer with your kids, then you know there's gonna be one or two of THOSE days. 

Here are a few simple little things in my tool kit this summer I thought I would share with you just in case you're running out of breath and need to come up for air, too.

This nice stack of bestsellers is my most recent haul of books from the thrift store.  With paperbacks averaging $15.00 a piece and my boys flying through a book a week, it really adds up. I love coming home with a great bag of books for less than the retail price of one. 
Bossypants by Tina Fey has been my laugh out loud favorite and I'm usually a cynic when I read that books are "laugh out loud funny".  This one is.

Before you head off for some me time I recommend a relaxing shower with Dr. Bronner's Lavender Pure Castile Soap. It's magic. Says so right on the bottle.  I get mine at Target.  A "relaxing fragrance for tired and stressed-out souls", you can enjoy the strong old fashioned lavender scent lathered up on your lady parts or drink it straight from the bottle.  Your call.  

natural products... body care

Because it's too hot to do much cooking our panini press has been getting a workout. It's one of those kitchen gadgets that's worth the space it's going to take up in your cabinet. Lucky for me, my family is happy with a nice hot sandwich for dinner. Sliced sourdough bread, a rotisserie chicken, baby spinach, havarti cheese and don't forget the pesto sauce which elevates it to fancypants sandwich. My press is like this one:

Cuisinartâ„¢ Griddlerâ„¢ with Removable Plates
And although my boys don't know that a fly swat is the better choice for wasp killing, they do know how to operate this kitchen gadget and can make their own sandwich. Score!

We spend a lot of time outside and we love to have our music out there with us. This summer we're enjoying our ipod playlists and Pandora on this Rocketfish Outdoor Wireless Speaker.

I love that it actually works and can handle high volumes without distortion enabling me to block out the sound of my kids arguing over whose turn it is to pick up dog poop out of the yard.

Speaking of Pandora, I recently discovered bad to the bone blues singer Susan Tedeschi. I realize taste in music is subjective, but if you're a mom in the middle of a summer meltdown and want to be reminded of your deep abiding love of your child then give this beautiful song a listen. I will have it on repeat next week while my boys are away at camp swinging on the death rope and holding each other underwater for too long right in front of the lifeguard who's texting her BFF about her next body piercing. 
I know I'll be missing their sweet faces and bad body odor.

Lord Protect My Child