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New Ikea Lighting ~ Manljus

Do you love Ikea? I love their affordable designs and have quite a few pieces of furniture that mix well with my cottage style. On a recent trip I picked up the Manljus pendant ($49.99) for my breakfast nook.

White glass with a silver metal bulb cover diffuses the light so you don't feel like you're being interrogated (pet pendant peeve) and gives it a little industrial edge. 

 One more thing to share that has nothing to do with lighting. Over the Memorial holiday, one of my boys was under the weather and spent some quiet time playing cards with his dad. Like most things here, it got pretty competitive with quick card game challenges throughout the weekend. I decided to keep the cards on our breakfast table and it's been a big hit beyond the weekend. It's nice to see kids playing something that doesn't include a screen. A simple deck of cards, out where they can be reminded to play,  has kept them engaged and happy for hours.  It's the little things.