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Estate Sale Finds

A friend and I went to an epic estate sale today. One of those rare old skool sales where the prices are just right, there's still tons of stuff to dig through in the afternoon and you wish you had bought more when you left. My hands were too full to take many pictures, however, this is the hallway of the small house that stored the life of an 86 year old woman that died last year. 
She led a very full creative life as a ballerina and dance teacher. And, sadly, she was a hoarder. It was like a time capsule with newspapers, books, pictures...too much. The house had been closed up so it was filthy. I hoped she hadn't been living there in the state it was in.

I found some wonderful old glass bottles, and some wicker wrapped bottles. And a sailors hat, which I love.

The  moldy garage was filled with trunks and boxes of ballet costumes. Hand sewn, sweat stained from hours of wear. Her name printed on a custom tag on the inside. It was beautiful and almost overwhelming to see. I was told that she was taken from the house 3 years ago kicking and screaming she was so sad to leave her home and her things. I say good for her. Go out fighting. Rest in peace Delores. I will treasure your pretty little bottles.