Becki Griffin's Curious Details


Vintage Blue

While I've been on the road these last few weeks for vacation, work and family, I've picked up a few things for myself. Coincidentally, they're all shades of sky, sea and summer. And all of them bargains as well.

The soft cotton throw from a thrift store, $5. The oil painting from a flea market for $1. The blue bottles from a garage sale I ran across while on vacation in the Hill Country for $2 each, the pretty lavender bottle is dated 1908.  The paper blue tray hung on the wall is from an old trunk. I picked it up in Waxahachie, Texas, this past weekend while prop shopping for Country Living, $15.  
Do you shop while you're on the road? Found any good bargains lately? I missed Round Top this year so these vintage blue finds will have to do for a while.