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It's Time

Time to shake off the holiday fog, vacuum up the glitter and get back to bidness, school schedules and eating something besides a mayonnaise based dip with a side of Christmas cookies. It was good while it lasted though, wasn't it? 

Before I give my little pep talk, I want to say that the shooting in Newtown, CT., has been on my heart since it happened and certainly puts things like the perfect gray paint color, subway tile and accessories into perspective. Our prayers continue to be with the families of the victims.

 I don't make resolutions. At my age I know I won't keep them. Never have. I do like the idea of daily mindfulness. One definition of mindfulness I read recently described it as " Paying attention in a particular way; on purpose, in the present moment, and non-judgmentally."

I believe this can apply to getting our homes in order and how we feel about the things we choose to live with. How?  By understanding that furnishing and decorating a home is a process and patience pays off. By paying attention to the things we choose to bring in. By choosing to love what you have, even if it's not Pinworthy or the latest trend. Lots of pressure out there to have it all "done" and "perfect". Meh...don't sweat it. 

Enjoy the slightly worn sofa, still warm from a nap with the dog. Your grandmother's quilt, your children's art taped to the kitchen walls. Fresh bread and fresh flowers. Winter sunshine through the blinds after the kids have caught the bus. Look around you. It's home, and it's beautiful. 

Where are YOU in your home? are there clues and reminders of who you are? 

I received a couple of beautiful books for Christmas from two very talented designers that I admire. 
The Life of a Bowerbird: Creating Beautiful Interiors with the Things You Collect
The Things That Matter
These books are inspiring for their constant reminders to put your heart into your home.

I also enjoyed every single page of Country Living's White Issue. Particularly, painter and stylist's Thea Beasley's Georgia apartment and studio

A mix of high end, vintage, attitude, yard sale and souvenirs from her travels are all displayed against a neutral background .A farm table makes it's self at home in front of a sofa from a Paris flea market. So pretty! 

So... it's time. Have yourself a Happy New Year.

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