Becki Griffin's Curious Details


The Merriest

Simple Christmas. That was my goal. And in some ways I've achieved it.  It was hot here in Houston when we pulled the decorations out and that just doesn't inspire me to get going. So I lived with the boxes for a couple of days and marinated in the hope it would turn cold for just a few days...and then it did. Now we're ready! If you're looking out a window onto a snow covered landscape... just know that I'm jealous! 
A couple of Christmas details I've really enjoyed this year is a wood cubby unit that was from a gem shop. It's filled with vintage Christmas miniatures and I play with it a little bit every day.  And I found some metal ribbon. That was a first and I loved using it on  my friends gifts.
Lots of images to share the merriest decorating moments happening around here this Christmas:

"Chiming sweet when the night winds swell, blest is the sound of the Christmas Bells"