Becki Griffin's Curious Details


I Know I Know

C H R I S T M A S!  

It's coming like a freight train. My Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram feeds are smoking with beautiful images and inspiration. And I'm still full from Thanksgiving.

One word describes how I'm approaching the decorating this year :  S I M P L E

Do you save your Anthropologie ribbon, too?  Cute for tying around grocery store rosemary trees.

Not out of laziness or a lack of Christmas spirit.  With joy we celebrate the birth of Jesus in our home.  It's because it's what my heart craves for a season that has started to feel out of control with expectations.  I know a declaration is not necessary, however ..I guess I am declaring it.

If I can do that, I will be happily connected to what really matters and enjoy the beauty of the season. 

These are images I've posted on Instagram. You can follow me there @curiousdetails.