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One Shelf Three Ways To Decorate

Does your kitchen have a desk area?  Many of the original kitchens in the 20 year old homes in my neighborhood have one (mine included) and they can sometimes be a challenge to pull together. If you have a dedicated office space in your home for paperwork, then you have the opportunity to make the desk and shelves pretty and have it relate to the rest of your room.

While I had the shelves empty to add some fall touches, I grabbed some accessories from around the house to put together three different looks that might inspire you to pretty up your shelves.

My desk area has an electrical outlet and a phone outlet right in the middle of the wall (thank you Texas builders...why does this happen?)  So I cover it with something BIG like this neutral seashell mirror. Once that anchor piece is in place I can then fill in the rest. I don't do much Halloween decorating downstairs and instead keep the focus on fall. Even when I decorate seasonally, I use things that are meaningful to me. The pressed leaves are from a trip to Paris. The owl plates were found at the thrift store. The artist's last name on the back of the plates is the same as my maiden name which is a very unique French name so I never see it on anything.  The wicker bottles and ironstone are part of a bigger collection. Here's a closer look at the fall accessories I used:

The next look is FUNCTIONAL:

If you've got pretty appliances and serve ware don't hide it in a pantry. Make it part of your kitchen decor. I love vintage so this look is a mix of pieces that I use often and can keep at arm's reach. 

The mirror was replaced with a vintage silver tray. A stainless juicer and glasses, cutlery that I pick up as souvenirs, cloth napkins and more ironstone pitchers that I often use as vases are functional and pretty.

The last look is USEFUL

I do actually like the idea of a recipe desk in the kitchen. A quick place to make a grocery list, look up a recipe or favorite blog is convenient. I combined a few desk supplies with some colorful Mason jars, cookbooks and a chalkboard for the anchor piece.

Until our kitchen gets remodeled somewhere down the road, I'll keep having fun with the shelves as they are. Hope you've found some inspiration!