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Moss Garden

One single factor determines my gardening success....luck.

I have bought and subsequently managed to kill more houseplants than I care to admit. I love the texture and romance of a beautiful maidenhair fern. Those last about two days here. Then boom. Dead. 
English ivy's fare a bit better. I've got one that's been around since January and still looks fresh and healthy which could be an all time record for me. 

A local nursery had these darling little pots of moss which I had intended for a terrarium but it seemed inevitable it would end up in a humid moldy mess so, instead I made a small container garden in an old french candy box.

So far it's been very forgiving and happy with medium light and light watering every few days. It's even showing new growth. I didn't even take the plants out of their original containers; just nestled them close together and called it done.

An ironstone platter and pretty blue rocks add depth and texture to the arrangement. Reminds me of a forest. Which reminds me of the August issue of Martha Stewart Living. The cover is beautiful and I've enjoyed the entire issue.

I love the simple table arrangements of fern and cuttings from the surrounding woods.  If it's good enough for Martha.....