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Belinda's Dream

This is my favorite rose, Belinda's Dream.  I recently planted two of the shrub roses outside my bedroom windows and they have already begun rewarding my effort with new growth and beautiful blooms. I grew this rose years ago in our first home. Our second home had a shady yard, so I took a break from rose gardening. The new house gets lots of sun, and I was really excited to welcome an old friend back to the garden.  We have all become so dependent on easy to grow Knockout Roses, that we forget about other varieties that offer the same low maintenance approach to rose gardening but provide greater enjoyment. Belinda's Dream is disease resistant, grows fast, and is a steady bloomer with a rich and distinct's beautiful! Once established, the  pink blooms get huge and remind me of the old fashioned cabbage roses.

Combined with Knockout Roses and clippings from my Dusty Miller, it makes a simple but beautiful display. Did you know that Dusty Miller clippings stay fresh and pretty for two weeks?

Happy Mothers Day to those who are celebrating Sunday.  This was a week of high octane mothering for me. My boys weren't feeling well, the doctor's office wasn't cooperating and the frustration was mounting. I was reminded that motherhood isn't for sissy's.   
Mothering these two boys is one of the greatest privileges of my life. Talk about being rewarded for one's efforts!  They are a gift and a treasure.
Happy Mother's Day!