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Restoration Hardware...I'll Take You There

I had girlfriends in town recently which required some hardcore shopping. These girls are professionals but hadn't experienced the new Houston Restoration Hardware flagship store. I gotta tell in Houston, where we tend to get carried away with BIG stores, BIG style, BIG deal everything, I get a little jaded about the latest, greatest or biggest anything. One more big thing to navigate, figure out or fight traffic to experience. That's how I felt about the new RH store. I've been to Highland Village many times since it opened but hadn't bothered to actually go in the place. The size of the catalog annoyed me and the exterior of the building seemed, as my friend said upon seeing it for the first time, "aggressive".
H o w e v e r, I thoroughly enjoyed my shopping experience there recently. The 25,000 square foot store oozes luxury and has the feel of a European estate complete with conservatory, rooftop garden and an in-store floral boutique.
It's dark, cave-like interiors are the perfect backdrop for the over-sized furniture and inspiring wall decor that feels more like beautifully lit art installations.
Being in the store truly is an experience and I took some ipad pics and video to share with you.

The first is one of my favorite bedroom/bath looks:

And, the beautiful conservatory and rooftop garden:

See what I mean??? Just a little over the top.

This is what happens when I shop with friends. 

So, go see it for yourself when you can...definitely worth it.

Restoration Hardware, located here.