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This is Serena Thompson  of The Farm Chicks. When she's not writing books, producing antiques shows, contributing to Country Living Magazine or baking pies, she's dreaming up other big ideas. Like a global website for collectors, junkers, vintage lovers, know.....girls like us!  

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Her new website, My Favorite Find launches Monday, March 19th and to kick things off Serena offered to answer some questions about the site.  

Curious Details about My Favorite Find with Serena Thompson:
1. Everyone wants to know…exactly what is My Favorite Find?  The easiest way to describe it is a virtual show-and-tell.  My Favorite Find is a way to search for, find, and share events and shoppes all over the world and then virtually show-and-tell what you've found. 
2. With so many media outlets available to us, it can get overwhelming, is My Favorite Find user friendly? I agree!  We've worked for a really long time trying to make it user friendly.  I'm not a technologically gifted person, so I've been constantly revising and working with my team to get it where I think it should be.
3. What's the best way to use My Favorite Find?  Well, the great thing about My Favorite Find is that it serves so many purposes.  What if I'm visiting Portland, Oregon and I want to know if there are any great estate sales going on?  Or where are the great shoppes?  Is there an antiques show or flea market this weekend?  Or maybe I just scored an amazing find and I want to tell everyone about it.  I know that I can share it on My Favorite Find and everyone there will understand and share in my excitement.
4. Any tips for finding deals and bargains when traveling? Oh boy, I spend so much time online before we leave for a trip.  I love Hotwire for great hotel deals and am a big believer in the free membership cards with your favorite rental car companies.  My favorite is Thrifty and more times than not, they upgrade our car and by having the blue chip card, we don't have to wait in line for our car.  I really like that.

5. Your best Favorite Find ever?  The Holy Grail of Favorite Finds?   I once bought a shirt at a yard sale for .10 cents and sold it for $860!  

Isn't this a great idea? I will certainly be putting My Favorite Find to good use before road trips to scout new to me shops. I can't wait to jump in and share!  Thank you, Serena!