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Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities Laboratories de Design

On our way home from the Hill Country last week, we took a detour to Fredericksburg, Texas, so I could lay my eyes on Carol Hicks Bolton's new store Antiquities Laboratories de Design. Pictures barely do it justice. It's really that good.  Her concept at this store covers some trends with industrial, taxidermy and curated collections, but it is also true to her unique voice in the way she's been doing it for years. For me, Carol Hicks Bolton was doing this look before I even knew of Restoration Hardware. I've always admired how brave and innovative she is with design. The store has many instant collections and glass cabinets which encourage you to begin your own collecting and curating   I loved it and made a quick video and was allowed to take some picture to share:

When you're in Fredericksburg, you can find the shop here.  
I'm also excited to join a group of bloggers on April 2 in Round Top at Royer's Cafe where Carol Hicks Bolton will be the guest speaker!  Mrs. Hicks-Bolton, Texas is proud of you!