Becki Griffin's Curious Details


On the Side

Just to the right of my desk, on the side of the upper cabinet....

is a secret little spot for me to hang some cherished memories...

With room to add more.

 You wouldn't notice the pieces hanging there unless you were completely in the room. But I enjoy them everyday, every time I sit down to work or cruise Pinterest.

 There's my silhouette from 2nd grade (!) The big porcelain antique clock face my dad gave me right before he had bypass surgery. It represents a lot of things for me, but mostly reminds me to be brave.  Heart surgery is not for wimps. Neither is motherhood or menopause. A pretty gift tag from a friend.I have since parted ways with.  Life is like that sometimes. I'm not Catholic, but I think Rosary's are beautiful, so I have one. And the simple wooden cross necklace is exactly like the one my niece Rachel wore the day we lost her in a car accident.  

 Isn't it interesting how a handful of treasures can tell so many stories?

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