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Ever see something, get bitten by inspiration, and everything stops until you work. it. out? Here's what bit me recently... these loosely constructed pendant lamps:

Bodie and Fou

Jute Pendant Lamp
The above photo from Artilleriet in Sweden provided visual inspiration for my project. Schooley's petite lamp measures 18 by 24 inches, but I started with something smaller in mind. Below are my instructions for a 12-by-12-inch lamp; adjust the measurements accordingly for a larger lamp.

And this beautiful handmade paper from Anthropologie that my friend used to wrap some birthday gifts for me recently.  I'm a sucker for handmade papers and vintage ephemera. 

I've been looking for something unique for our breakfast nook and this paper has been in my office for a month and one day it clicked....make a pendant shade!  So I did:

I gathered my supplies, my glue gun and my guy and we started deconstructing and reconstructing.  This project was done on the fly without much research, but I knew that together we could produce something that worked visually and also functioned. The pendants above are really loose, unstructured and imperfect, that's what makes them beautiful to me.

I started with a cheap lampshade from the thrift store:

 I only needed the top ring and the metal insert to hold the wiring (we used an inexpensive pendant kit from World Market for the electrical conversion).  This tutorial really doesn't need much was cut, glue, hang.  We used one full sheet of the paper and about a third of another sheet. We just glued the seam down.

The paper is thick and sturdy so I didn't think it needed any support on the lower part of the pendant and I like seeing the raw edges of the paper without any metal, especially at night.  Glaring overhead lighting is a big pet peeve of mine, especially at the table. The pendant glows like a big candle and creates a very soothing atmosphere which I love.

It's got quite a personality and feels whimsical and fun in the room.