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The Basics

During consultations with new clients, the conversation always rolls around to budget. Sadly, we sometimes see decorating on a tight budget as very limiting . I've talked to so many women who feel depressed and overwhelmed because they don't believe they can have a beautiful home and not go into debt to get it. I don't buy it. Here's a small example:
I took home the hand towels and the oil decanter.
While I was at Target today, I did some undercover styling with a handful of clearance items to make a point. With the exception of the art in the background, the total for everything you see is less than $25.00, all found in housewares on clearance. If you keep an eye out for basic pretty white dishes, it's so easy to make some quick changes and add color to freshen up your look. Think of all the different ways you could put pieces like this to work for you. The two-tiered piece was only $7.48 and could be used for appetizers and desserts or as a pretty jewelry display. The big platter was $6.98. The oil decanter was $3.48 and the hand towels were $2.54. each. 
We easily spend $5-$8 dollars on Valentine cards that end up in the trash.  Deals like this will stick around much longer.