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The Boardwalk at Santa Cruz, California

Honestly, this is a hard week for my family.  This weekend marks two years since we lost our sweet Rachel, my sister's 19 year old daughter, in a car accident.  Sometimes, we all just want to leave town to get our minds off of how hard it is. To be distracted and let the day pass.

I'm a "let me get my purse" kind of girl.  You want to go somewhere?  I'm in. 

Last summer we went to California for our family vacation.  I gave the boys an old digital camera of mine to shoot with. Just today (over a year later)  I went through the entire file of images and was floored over the things I saw.  The things that they saw at 10 years old.  I love them for paying attention, for noticing. For seeing the beautiful place we were in.

Thank You R-Man for these great vacation memories.