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One Crazy Summer

It's official:

We have painted, textured, cleaned, sorted, purged, carpeted, planted, organized and are officially open for business.   I haven't done this house selling thing in several years, and as my oh so smart best friend reminded me's a marathon.
This house is not very big, but sometimes small is under rated. We've lived a pretty big life here. This is not the house that we brought babies home to, but it's the house my little babies became full blown boys in over the last nine years.  They started school here, found their tribe here and we all thrive with the abundance of friendship and support just down the street or around the corner.
I have a strong emotional connection to this little house. Part of it is how we live and part of it is the house itself. There are little nooks and crannies of possibility and light that I have enjoyed living in and decorating with:

One leg of this marathon is keeping the place picked up and ready to show, now that the boys are out for the summer.  Remember these days?  Sleeping really really late and staying in your jammies all day?

We're gonna keep our eye on the prize...a little more space and a pool...buckle up and try to squeeze some good out of this little phase of our summer.

See you at the finish line!

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