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Worth Getting Lost For

Two stores have been on my radar to check out, so  today I set aside the long to do list and struck out for some much needed thrift store goodness.  Because I just packed up my storage closet which was full of  similar items, I didn't buy a single thing but took lots of pictures, so get comfy.
If you love to make mixed media art like this:


Then grab your GPS (you're gonna need it!)  and head to Texas Art Asylum on Houston Avenue for supplies and inspiration.  A small warehouse in the shadow of downtown Houston, Texas Art Asylum is part warehouse/thrift store/antique shop/jewelry store.

Looks like your typical thrift store....look closer.....there's some good stuff.

I loved these water faucet knobs. They would make great drawer pulls.

My favorite. 

The other stop was Texas Junk Company located at 215 Welch in Houston,  which I have read about and blogged about, but have never been before today. Another fun place to dig around.

I thought this quiet corner of the shop was unintentionally beautiful.  

The store is well organized and full of surprises (box of giant animal bones, anyone?).  Let me know if you go, I would love to hear what you think!