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This particular Easter weekend things are discombobulated here. The house is messy while we are replacing the carpet. So we can sell this place.  And the kids are gone to their grandparent's for the weekend so we can get things back together.  If the boys were here, and things were "normal", I would have loved to try to dye eggs with natural dyes. I've seen some online and they are beautiful.  But they don't compare to the real deal:

This is Hazel, my husband's 93 year old Grandmother. Our boy's Great-Grandmother. Isn't she awesome?

Hazel has a real chicken yard at  her house and  I love it when she sends me some of her eggs. Some of them we eat and some are left out in a bowl because they are beautiful. Don't tell her we didn't eat them all. She'll get fussy, and  you don't want to make Hazel mad.

A trip to Hazel's always includes a walk around the chicken yard. Don't you love the little curtains she has for the chickens so they can have some privacy while they lay all those pretty eggs?  At 93, Hazel stays very busy and active. When Hazel was in her 70's she went on a motorcycle trip! Yes she did... she rode on the back of a motorcycle.
 If you hang with Hazel for the weekend, she will give you some of her old jewelry and thimbles from her collection, let you sit in her reclining massage chair,  tell you you're her favorite and if she wins the lottery she's gonna split it with you. Sometimes she says a good cuss word and that makes my day.  
She also quilts and just might give you one if  you're on good behavior. Or not.

Hazel lives in the country. Things are much quieter and simpler there than in our big city and I wish we could see her more often.
This is the old church near her home. Wouldn't it be lovely to attend Easter services here? 

Happy Easter! I hope you enjoy simple blessings and know the message of God's love.

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