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Water For Elephants

Happy New Year and Happy First Blog Post of 2011!

We did go see True Grit and loved it. During the previews I learned that there is a movie coming this Spring based on one of my favorite books, Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen:


"The most interesting aspect of the book is all the circus lore that Gruen has so carefully researched. She has all the right vocabulary: grifters, roustabouts, workers, cooch tent, rubes, First of May, what the band plays when there's trouble, Jamaican ginger paralysis, life on a circus train, set-up and take-down, being run out of town by the "revenooers" or the cops, and losing all your hooch. There is one glorious passage about Marlena and Rosie, the bull elephant, that truly evokes the magic a circus can create. It is easy to see Marlena's and Rosie's pink sequins under the Big Top and to imagine their perfect choreography as they perform unbelievable stunts. The crowd loves it--and so will the reader. The ending is absolutely ludicrous and really quite lovely. --Valerie Ryan (from Amazon)

I hope the movie does right by the book. I read it during a difficult time and it was such an escape for me.
The book is so beloved, it made me wonder if it will spark any decorating trends? Maybe vintage circus inspired decorating that goes beyond children's rooms?

How about these whimsical pouffs made from repurposed canvas:

                     milieu home goods

Or maybe a circus tent inspired chandelier:

 Circus Tent Carnival Chandelier
                                           Shades of Light

Proof of "ya just never know"...these huge vintage circus posters are listed on Houston's Craigslist and
will be up for auction this weekend:

image 2148889009-0

image 2148889009-3

This I would love...a collection of vintage circus photos:

So beautiful, tender and unexpected.  Just like the book.
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