Becki Griffin's Curious Details



We live in a sweet little house that suits our small family of four very well. It's cozy and casual and accurately reflects the way we live.

Because it's on the small side at 2000 sf I try to not stuff it too full so all the boys around here are comfortable. But on the horizontal surfaces I like to have some fun with collections of accessories and oddities that create some interesting vignettes:

 In my office I have a stainless steel restaurant prep table that I scored at a flea market for $10. It holds a rotating collections of accessories:

What's more fun than getting a beautiful gift in the mail?  Having that gift safely wrapped in some awesome packing paper that then turns into the inspiration for some decorating with a mixed media twist:

The beautiful porcelain flower was the gift.

Accessories are such a fun way to express yourself. The vignettes in my home are small intimate stories, sometimes deeply personal, not always understood by anyone but me. 
Be brave. Live with what you love.

"Your home shall not be an anchor, but a mast" 
Kahlil Gibran

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