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Bottled Up

First, some advice:  Don't run in the house.
Second:  Don't run in the house wearing socks.  You will fall and bust your *beep* and more than likely sprain your foot and jam your toes and won't be able to walk and do many fun things that you normally do and it will leave you a cranky ol' hag.

 Why was I running in the house? Hypothetically, let's say it may have had something to do with how I thought it would be fun to sneak up on my husband, who was looking all over the house for me. Isn't that fun? I wish someone had told me before I took off running as fast as my big butt could carry me, that running in the house with your socks on is a bad bad idea. As my left foot hit the rug in our entry I totally wiped out and jammed my foot into a piece of furniture. Hard.  The ER said it wasn't broken but I think they mistook my x-rays for someone else's because my foot doesn't look like it belongs on my body and some of the toes still won't bend.  I will see our orthopedist (who we keep on speed dial.  Twin boys...'nuff said) tomorrow and get the official word.
So here's a fun activity if you find yourself stuck at home and are sick of  Matt, Meredith ,Martha, Nate,  Oprah, Barbara, Kelly, Whoopi and Gayle:


I had a whole collection of these rattan wrapped bottles. They're not the old ones, these are probably originally from Pier 1. I got some of them at thrift stores. They were stuffed in a closet and forgotten.  I was inspired by these over at Pottery Barn:

Found Oversized Wine Bottle, Small

Pretty, right?  Then I saw the price.  $99-$279
Now, I appreciate a good antique like the rest of them.  I don't mind paying for quality if I have the budget for it. 
 But Holy Crap Pottery Barn Are You Kidding Me??? In my agitated state I think those prices are insane!!

Instead, why not grab your scissors and have at it. Work out your frustration of being stuck at home. With the dumbest injury ever.  Hating the fact that you're wearing one dumb shoe and one DUMBER shoe.  Really rip it up. Make a giant mess on the floor that the dog will come eat and you won't have to clean up.  It feels good, doesn't it?

Now, hobble your pathetic self over to the living room and take some pictures of your crafty masterpiece. Hey, maybe Nate could do a whole segment on "Crafts for Shut-Ins". Starring ME! I should send him these pictures! Next, bang your foot on the bar trying to maneuver yourself around with just one crutch.  Use your favorite swear's ok!.  The kids are at school and you can let 'em fly!!!

Nekkid bottles.  Nice!

See that big blue wine bottle next to the urn?  It was 50cents at Salvation Army.
Take THAT Pottery Barn!

They're kinda cute...I'll leave them until I can get around a little better. They look soft and pretty in the light.

Add a fake plant and some seaglass and you're done!!

And's not nice to make fun of hurt people.

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