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We Party Hard.....

Here's my recipe for a feel good New Years Day, starting with our very exciting New Year's Eve plans.

Go see this movie with the family:

True Grit

Come home and put on these jammies (for the rest of the weekend...not kidding)

image enlargement
I got a pair of these for Christmas and they are so comfy.   Soma is having their
semi-annual sale.  Go get some.

Start this new book:


 I finally found a video game I can win! We got the kids an XBOX with Kinect for Christmas and it is really really fun and a good workout.
And, even though I'm in no hurry, we'll eventually take down the Christmas decorations This week has been restful and easy and I have loved it. I had a conversation with a client recently and neither of us knew when our kids are suppose to go back to school. That felt good.
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