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For The Boys

The day after Christmas.
Is anyone brave enough to share those photos?  Not me! My house is a mess...the good kind, though. 
After many days of travel and wonderful family Christmas parties, today we were still.

The boys sweetly wrapped some gifts for me and put them front and center.

Don't children make Christmas magic?  The boys' playroom is where their little tree holds the ornaments they've made over the years in school or at church.  They wrote out their Christmas lists on the big chalkboard that hangs above the futon.  That's right...I said futon!  

Their Christmas lists were short this year.  They are growing up and I suffered some growing pains this Christmas season.  At ten years old, we have our own version of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" regarding Santa.  I know in my heart they are smart boys and know the truth. I also know they are children who love the fun and anticipation Santa brings, and that magic is there for all of us. 

Even for big boys who care more about Swiss Army knives and pellet guns than Santa jammies.

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