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Showboat Drive In

After lots and lots and LOTS of baseball, I played the mommy card and got the guys to go to the drive-in movie Saturday night to see Secretariat.  I told the boys a little about the Secretariat phenomenon of the 70's and they liked the movie as much as I did.  With the convenience of TiVo and On Demand we don't go out to the movies much.  This time of year is the best for watching movies outside.

When's the last time you saw kids playing tetherball?

There's a big open playground under the screen with lots of space so we get there early for a good spot up close and the kids run around playing ball and swinging.

Can you smell them??? They always play hard at the drive in.

Just back up the car, lay down the seat and dial the sound in to the car stereo. The grown ups take comfy lawn chairs. The breeze was so nice and we loved the movie.

As the sun sets and moon rises it's hard to choose which show to watch. The big Texas sky was beautiful.

Showboat Drive In  is a great deal, too. Tickets are $5.00 per person and that gets you a double feature of two first run movies.  The drive in is family owned and operated by a local famiily who thinks it's time to get back to a simpler time and provide an affordable activity for the entire family.
We think they did a great job.

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