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Fall Details

If you are inclined to decorate with the seasons as I am, Fall can be tricky.  We don't get much of Fall here in  South Texas.  We get less summer.  But our lives roll with the seasons and I like my home to reflect that:

This year I'm sticking to natural elements and no plastic decorations until the last minute for Halloween. So far, I'm liking where this is going:

Hand painted porcelain plates, found in a thrift store, signed by an artist that shares my maiden name.

A little autumn sun.

Feathers found and collected.

Pressed leaves from a trip to Paris many years ago.

Collections that bring the warmth and texture of Fall.  I love to accesorize for myself and clients using small collections that are personal and inspiring.  Simple pieces of nature that are meaningful even if they lack the polish of fine art or aren't the latest trend.  

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