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Decorating 911

This summer I had just begun work for a close friend and client when she was diagnosed with Stage 1 breast cancer. Her focus naturally shifted to taking care of her health and the house was temporarily put on the back burner. Then her sweet husband called and asked me to make their master bedroom into a restful retreat for her recovery after surgery.
We had  a couple of short weeks to make our choices for color, bedding, get a painter in and out of there quick, get things hung and ready, all while she was getting the rest of her life organized, taking care of her family and going through the required pre-op appointments.

The van was loaded and ready for some 911 decorating.  A few fast changes that made a big difference.

Bedroom before

Bedroom after
That's her sweet, very old pup laying at the foot of the bed. I didn't want to disturb him to take a picture.
 He watched my every move (when he was awake!)

Not bad for some down and dirty decorating!

The master bedroom is big and includes a seating area. The hardwood floors are beautiful and a lovely contrast to the new paint color (Benjamin Moore's Elephant Tusk ). She chose the bedding at Pottery Barn while we were out and about one day. There are three shams that match the quilt on order.
The old windows are from her grandparents home. For now they are holding the place for future artwork which we will also add above the nightstands.
We chose wall mounted lamps from Lowe's. These were a great look for little money and free up surface space on the bedside tables.

Sitting area

Her bedroom has a wonderful seating area. Check out the great old leather chair...she was going to throw it away!  I saved it just in the nick of time and the color is perfect for the new neutral palette. She also had another little vintage cream chair that I pulled in.  The primative drop leaf table was in her entry and it works great in here . French linen pillow from Restoration Hardware. Drapery from Ikea.

We also pulled in a big ornately framed bulletin board.  This is also a family piece. She replaced the artwork with corkboard. We'll hang Get Well cards and photos here for her to enjoy during her recovery.

A cowhide rug would be great in this seating space. It's on the list!
This bedroom is a work in progress and I will continue to update the details as we go. For now, I am so happy she has such a caring husband and a beautiful room to come home to.

Click here to see a Flickr slideshow of this room.

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