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Color Wheel

I've had this small round paint tray for about a hundred years and I don't think I've ever really done more than rinse it off after I've used it. I'm glad I never took the time to really clean it properly because when I pull it out to use it on little crafts it literally reminds me of different times in my life. Like my gold phase. Aaaah yes, you remember it don't you because you did it too! Let's join hands and travel back to the early 90's when gold was IT! I remember one magical day when I realized I could spray paint entire books GOLD for that special "Mr. T" look the living room was missing. Pinecones and acorns were also fabulous in their not so natural gold state. This went hand in hand with my cherub phase and my "lets wallpaper every freaking room in my house" phase.There's all kinds of mistakes we make in our decorating choices, but if you're choosing things you love, even in a moment of blind stupid love, it's ok. At least you've been passionate about something.
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