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Carol Hicks Bolton Antiquities Unloading Sale

I recently went on a really fun girls roadtrip to Fredericksburg, Texas, for Carol Hicks Bolton's French Antiquities Unloading & Warehouse Sale.  It's safe to say any designer I know that's from Texas and beyond admires Carols unique style; raw, rustic, collected and curated from some of the most romantic places on earth like Belgium, Provence and India.

Her stores and the styling are dreamy. So much so that I think anything I take the time to write is unnecessary when there are so many beautiful things to see so I'm going to let the pictures do the talking on this post. I do want to say I think every home, no matter the style, needs something old and interesting in it and you're sure to find it at one of Carol's stores. These images are from Carol and Tim's warehouse where they unload the new inventory and also held an inventory clearance sale through January.

I'm saving the pictures from Room #5, which is another store of Carol's (where I lost my was so beautiful) because it deserves it's own post. 

The light fixture is made from tree roots.

Some delicious details from the unloading sale. Fun fact: I love vintage bird taxidermy. Carol has some gorgeous specimens. Reminds me of Deyrolle in Paris which I would love to visit.

I walked around this collection of antique bee skeps about 47 times, photographing it over and over..making slow motion video. They were so beautiful.

With merchandise in four stores, Tim and Carol keep things old school and do not offer online sales. If you see something you like here give them a call at 830-997-5551 and they'll be happy to help you with more information.

Allison, Carol, and Becki.

Road trippin' with my good friend Allison of (they do fun vintage/antique pop up shows)  . Thank you Carol for taking the time to chat with us and letting us hug you too many times!!! We didn't want to leave!